Managing a diet with type 2 diabetes

A Diet Fit for Diabetes

A diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes requires making some diet changes to reduce the risks of diabetes-related complications. This means utilizing a nutritionally balanced meal plan to maintain blood sugar levels within range and support a healthy weight. A diet fit for diabetes doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about smarter choices laying the foundation … Read more

Charlottesville Medical Research in the spotlight

Shining a Spotlight on CMR

The team here at Charlottesville Medical Research (CMR) has much to be proud of when it comes to the proverbial tooting of one’s own horn. A desire for safer, more effective therapies drives our clinical research office, backed by the completion of hundreds of successful trials. But we’re not stopping there. Each quarter, we also … Read more

June is Migraine Awareness Month!

Migraine Awareness Month

Migraine affects 40 million people in the U.S. June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (MHAM). The purpose is to build a stronger community of patient advocates by increasing public knowledge and addressing stigmas. This year’s theme is ‘A New Era of Care’. It focuses on increasing options for migraine patients and the impact … Read more

Men's health month

Men’s Health Month

Every June, the health of men is thrust into the spotlight during Men’s Health Month. Men’s Health Month serves as a conversation starter for encouraging men to focus on their health. Each experience shared, time volunteered, and dollar raised exemplifies the limitless possibilities when men unite to incite change. Why Men’s Health Awareness is Important … Read more

Behind the research: Kim Drake

Behind the Research: Kim Drake

This month, we are featuring one of our valued team members, Kim Drake, as our Behind the Research blog series continues. The clinical trial process is one of the only things in life that supersedes Kim’s excitement for pasta. Read on to learn more about Kim. Question: Tell us a little bit about your role. What motivates … Read more

Predicting a migraine. Learn the warning signs in our new blog

Predicting a Migraine

Migraines progress through distinct phases occurring before an attack, during, and after. Understanding each stage can help you better manage your condition. The prodrome stage occurs before an attack, and symptoms like fatigue and blurry vision are often warning signs for an attack. Predicting a migraine means recognizing these early symptoms in your attacks. From there, you … Read more

Behind the research with Dr. Clark

Behind the Research

In 2002, Charlottesville Medical Research began a relationship with an investigator for their diabetes, hypertension, and osteoarthritis studies. Fourteen years and over 150 trials later, Dr. James Clark became the Charlottesville Medical Research Center LLC Owner and Medical Director. Dr. Clark is the focus this month as our Behind the Research blog series continues. His award-winning passion … Read more

Behind the Research: Paula Clark

Behind the Research

Our Behind the Research series continues with this month’s featured team member, Paula Clark. Paula wears many hats here at Charlottesville Medical Research. Her devotion to excellence in every aspect she contributes to is the very heart of our fantastic team. Question: Tell us a little bit about your role. What motivates you to participate … Read more